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Anonymous asked: ok i'm confused... are pinoy asians or islanders?? my dad says were islanders but my uncle says we're asians... i'm soo confused!

We are Asians, specifically Southeast Asians and specifically we are Austronesians. We aren’t Pacific Islanders. The only ones who tend to say we are, are those who live in the states especially in Hawai’i and California. Those in the Philippines generally have no problem with this issue.

We may be in the Pacific and our country is comprised of many islands however that statement would then fall to other island countries in the Pacific like Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. You don’t see them calling themselves Pacific Islanders do you?

Pacific Islanders only refer to those who are from these regions, Polynesia, Oceania, and Micronesia, and the Philippines is not in that region. If you really want to call us something other than Asian and Southeast Asian, you can say you are Austronesian which we are.

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