Created on March 22, 2012, this blog is dedicated to the rich and diverse Philippine cultures and it's people. You will find here pictures of the indigenous, music, dances, baybayin art, places in the Philippines, tattoos, animistic beliefs, myths and legends, deities, food, martial arts, and everything that makes us Pilipin@, as well as our fellow Pin@ys from all over the world.

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THE PHILIPPINES MOVES FORWARD (HD) from Francisco "Kit" Reyes on Vimeo.

The Philippines is Moving Forward.

Business Feature produced by Asia Business Channel and Broadcasted on Channel News Asia in 2013.
Video Time: 23 min. HD

There may be still things that needs a lot of work, like poverty, corruption, fighting for indigenous rights, illegal mining and logging, improving infrastructure, etc. but we are improving and working together in the spirit of kapwa and bayanihan to better the country and the lives of our people.

For the first time in over a decade, the Philippine economy is on the upswing and the Filipino people are realizing their potential. The world watches as the Philippines moves forward.

A business feature produced by Asia Business Channel and broadcast on Channel News Asia in 2013. Featuring interviews with prominent Filipino figures such as President Benigno Aquino, Jaime Zobel de Ayala, Ramon del Rosario Jr., Rene Almendras and Ramon Jimenez. This program discusses recent developments in the Southeast Asian republic along with the successes and challenges it faces halfway into the Aquino administration.

Producer/Director/Writer: Francisco “Kit” Reyes (Shutter Republic)
Director of Photography: Stefan Herbruger (Shutter Republic)
Post-Production: Underground Logic
Narrator: Trevor Jones

Shot on location in The Philippines. An Asia Business Channel Production for Channel News Asia/Mediacorp. © 2012

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