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When someone who is Filipin@ doesn’t even care about what happened to us during the Philippine-American war and says we should just move on.

This is what I want to do to them.


Because that mentality and thought of, oh it was in the past, move on already, is a mentality stemming from assimilation and white supremacy and colonization.

Ya it was in the past. But that past still reflects today.

A past that has seriously been neglected and not taught to us, especially US Filipin@’s both in the homeland and abroad.

Textbooks don’t teach this. Textbooks in the homeland don’t even talk about the atrocities done to us during the U.S. colonial period. Why? Because majority of those textbooks taught to children ARE textbook written by the U.S. from the teachers and missionaries who created the educational system in the Philippines as one of their final acts of colonization.

And you wonder why no one really knows about this even if it about us and only happened only recently?

How can you say, oh this is something we should just move on and learn from “our” mistakes? What mistakes? Mistakes that we wanted to be free from another colonial power? That after being lied to, deceived, and betrayed by the U.S. we despised the U.S. and some were even scared by U.S. Americans to where they would rather burn in a fire than be killed by soldiers. That we fought to gain our independence? Again.

You say that it doesn’t upset you to know what happened oh so recently in the Philippines and our ancestors? It doesn’t upset you. Yet you have “pride in your culture”. But you don’t care about atrocities done to your own people.

Why am I posting all these posts on the Philippine-American War? To educate. To let my fellow kababayans learn their history, their recent history. And if you have been following this blog for the almost year that since it was first created you know, that is all I’ve been doing. Whether it’s from pre-colonial history, to colonial, to current.

And why is that? Because many, especially those of us abroad, are denied our history. Can we have a raise of hands who knew anything about the Philippines history? Pre-colonial? Colonial?

This is one of the reasons why I created this blog. To educate, bring empowerment to Filipin@’s, and most important of all, to decolonize.

You say to move on it’s all in the past. Well how can we move on when majority of us were never taught about our history? How history books during the U.S. colonial period pretty much just erased what they did to us in the Philippines to the younger generation to where they forget?

How can you move on when a whole population has only forgotten their past? Their history?

So no I won’t forget. I’m not going to forget what happened. I’m not going to forget our history. What happened in the past effects today through a very, very strong colonial mentality in the minds of many Filipin@’s.

So to that person who commented that what happened in the past doesn’t bother you and that we should just move on, you can go ahead and move on. But I, as someone who was forced to assimilate and is still decolonizing herself, will decline that offer.

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