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Created on March 22, 2012, this blog is dedicated to the rich and diverse Philippine cultures and it's people. You will find here pictures of the indigenous, music, dances, baybayin art, places in the Philippines, tattoos, animistic beliefs, myths and legends, deities, food, martial arts, and everything that makes us Pilipin@, as well as our fellow Pin@ys from all over the world.

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So, I was wondering if you knew other blogs just like yours but they specialize in other nations. Not only am I interested in Filipino culture, but in neighboring nations as well.

I know of a few blogs dedicated to a specific Southeast Asian country, like this one for the Philippines, or some that are just a general blog dedicated to Southeast Asia, some that I’ve come across recently.

Here is the list.

General Southeast Asia:
- http://southeastasianists.tumblr.com/
- http://asean2015.tumblr.com/ (for those who don’t know, ASEAN stands for Association of South East Asian Nations, which is similar to the European Union, where it is dedicated to bring a community and solidarity between the 10 member nations of Southeast Asia. These nations consists of mainland Southeast Asia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam, and maritime Southeast Asia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. There is also one other Southeast Asian nation that isn’t a part of ASEAN yet but they are in the process of trying to enter and be accepted into ASEAN, which that country is Timor-Leste. The term ASEAN is also a term many Southeast Asians who support the growing solidarity among Southeast Asia fondly refer to themselves as.)
- http://saintshiva.tumblr.com/
- http://thegreenpapaya.tumblr.com/
- http://cseasucb.tumblr.com/
- http://myseasia.tumblr.com/

- http://fckyeahlaos.tumblr.com/

- http://fckyeahcambodia.tumblr.com/
- http://khmer-chey.tumblr.com/
- http://projectcambodia.khmerican.com/
- http://royalkhmer.tumblr.com/
- http://khmerismylanguage.khmerican.com/

- http://livingthethailife.tumblr.com/

- http://allaboutindonesia.tumblr.com
- http://blog.khatulistiwa.info
- http://beingindonesian.com/
- http://indonesianculinary.tumblr.com/
- http://indonesia.tumblr.com

- http://madebymalaysians.tumblr.com/
- http://ourmalaysia.tumblr.com/

- http://burmaormyanmar.tumblr.com/

Other blogs on the Philippines:
- http://kapwacollective.tumblr.com/
- http://fckyeahfilipinoculture.tumblr.com/
- http://tumblr.malacanang.gov.ph/
- http://www.pinoytumblr.com/
- http://vivafilipinas.tumblr.com/ (dead since last Sept )
- http://pinoycuisine.tumblr.com

And that is all I know of so far. If anyone else knows any others feel free to let me know and I’ll add it on to the list.