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So I’ve been thinking of majoring in Asian Studies concentrating on the Philippines.

And I’ve been looking into the program at USF in San Francisco because of the courses they have really interest me.

Now I know several of you who follow the blog are from USF from previous asks and comments on posts. So I have a few questions for those of you who attend or have attended USF. How is the curriculum there for the Philippines Studies and Asian Studies? The school, tuition, environment, etc.

Because I am really interested in transferring to USF through a switched major meaning from what I was originally taking in pre-nursing courses at a community college to Asian studies.

Pretty much anything you want to say about the school and the Philippines Studies program epecially if you are in it and tips on what I should do to apply. Or if there are any other schools that have similar programs that you can suggest me looking into that would be great.

Because if you haven’t gotten the hint already on how passionate I am about the Philippines, our history, heritage, and decolonization, I am very passionate and would love to do something in the community involving that passion,.