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Binitay: Journey of a Filipino Adoptee

So here is a project that a friend of mine is doing and I support him all the way! He is a Filipin@ adoptee who is trying to raise enough money to help support his journey on going back to the Philippines, meeting up with his foster parents who took care of him in Cebu before being adopted and try and discover his roots and create a documentary on his journey to reconcile with his foster family and search for his birth family.

For a video and link to his kickstarter fundraiser click here.

Here is a snippet from the kickstarter page.


On January 24th, 1990, I was abandoned as a newborn in the village of Mabuli in the municipality of Tabogon on the island of Cebu, Philippines. I was immediately placed in the Department of Social Welfare Childrens’ Shelter in Cebu City and stayed there for two years. Then, I was placed in the Torres foster family home where I lived for one year. At age 3, I was adopted through Bethany Christian Adoption Services into a white Caucasian American family in Metro Detroit, Michigan. My story contrasts with that of many Asian adoptees. My unique stature as an adopted Filipino American in Michigan has met struggles with racism and clashing values, reconciliation of cultural identities, and finding value of the existences of ethnic and cultural spaces. Currently, I work within the Filipino and Asian Pacific Islander communities. 

Goals: The full-length documentary will encompass the development of my identity through the demographics and cultural spaces within the Detroit area, its positive aspects, and my firsthand experience in the Philippines being a Filipino adoptee; it contrasts with the socio-cultural stories of other Asian adoptions, which are often Korean or Chinese. Adoption has many different aspects that many people do not take into consideration. These include personal history of the adoptive child, prior ties to the birth mother or parents, the ties to the adoptive parents, nature vs. nurture, and larger socio-cultural histories that involve the adoptive child’s heritage/ethnic background. I’ll also highlight many critiques that do not reflect upon adoptive families but more so societies’ perceptions about adoption.

 “One who doesn’t look back at where he or she came from will never get to his or her destination.” ~Jose Rizal, Philippine National Hero

Not only do I plan on making this documentary to create a perspective and story with Asian adoptions and non-Asian adoptions, but I would also like to share my story with those who have had similar identity struggles as me. Prior to the trip will incorporate attending Filipino Heritage Camp as a third year returning camp counselor for Filipino Adoptees.  During my trip to the Philippines I’ll be meeting my foster family, the Torres family, for the very first time after 20 years and I will be searching for my birth family. There will also be testimonials of adoptive relatives, foster family, friends who I have grown up with, and mentors who have watched the evolution of my identities. I will be accompanied by Lorial Crowder, founder of the non-profit Filipino Adoptees Network, who will provide emotional support. As an educator and mentor in the Philippine-American community I teach a class known as Filipino Youth Initiative (FYI) which was founded by the Filipino American National Historical Society-Michigan Chapter (FANHS-MI).  I am also a member of FANHS-MI.

The kickstarter deadline ends in 10 days.

10 DAYS.

There is currently $1,694 pledged out of a goal of $8000 so far.

If you want to help donate and give James your support please do and feel free to share this info with your friends, family, etc. who you may think might be able to help.

Binitay Kickstarter Page:

Binitay Documentary Page:


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